Higher Consciousness or a Civil War.

Higher Consciousness or a Civil War.

Timing….r.i.p.George Floyd. A program to activate hate/anger and fear. Anger and fear keeps the collective consciousness low. The lower your energy, the better evil can harvest your energy and evil can continue to use humans as slaves. Riots is anger energy….judging the riots is anger energy.

All programs wil be activated to lower the collective vibration. Where ever you are in the world, ask for high spirit master from the source to transform this energy. Mass meditation is party time for evil spirits to harvest energy. There are a view people on this planet to truly protect you if you join a mass meditation. Ask or meditate by yourself, it is the savest and purest way💙💙.

Do we want this to stop? Educate yourself and others, be aware of the agenda’s. In this case Black people (all races/continents) are programmed differently. In our history are many levels of programming to keep our consciousness low. Divide and conguer vibration is created to keep the vibration low.

Evil work together regardless their race. Oprah, Obama and Tom Hanks were activating the class of 2020. Since last week many messages and events occured to activate this fear and anger program in order to start a civil war. Last night Trump gave fuel to this event.

There is more to come, the question is, is it Civil War or a Higher Consciousness that the heart wants to choose.

Do your research, Be safe💛💛

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