Zero phase

Zero phase

Create, create, create, create, create, create, imagine, imagine, imagine.

We are in the zero phase. We are back in our authentic state with our creator. This periode gives us time:

* to awaken
* to grieve
* to detach
* to imagine and create

The chaos period we’re in, is the zero phase to create whatever we choose.
Some people already went through this zero phase in order to help others. Authentic heartworkers are here to assist the mass through this timeline with humility, because every human is, in his authentic state with the authentic source, a High Spirit Master. There is no hierarchy, the authentic source loves all!

Humans are High Spirit Masters we are thought and programmed to believe we are not.

We have to:
* Go to school to learn (deprogramming imagination)
* To work to earn a living (ego programming)
* have money to buy ( dependency program)
* believe (religion/spiritual programming)

When detaching ourself from al above we start to remember who we truly are.

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