Mother Gaia

Mother Gaia

Heartworkers, instead of sending everything back to the “light”. All the negative thoughts, the drama, the pain, the anger, the secrets, the hurt, the ego, the low entities, all energies that is created out of karma, all the lies, everything that stops this world from being heart-centered. Call mother Gaia and ask to recycling the energy by giving it back as dust.

For example:

“mother Gaia, i give to you this rope of “child abuse” and ask you to recycle it to dust and let the earth create heart-centered energy to rebuild this world.”

Mother Gaia asks us to help recycle old energy by giving it back to the earth. Use mother Gaia when you transform, heal, reset, yourself, others, buildings, business, really everything! By doing this you wil help to recycle old karma energy into heart energy, for a new earth, a new beginning.

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