Are you science?

Are you science?

Are you science? Or do you study science?

Science originally came from the Latin word scientia, meaning, a knowing, expertness or experience. What a recognition of the words, knowing and feeling. By changing the meaning of science into, “study” knowledge, instead of ” a knowing” it became corrupted. Those who know, science by experience, expertness became irrelevant, their voices were silenced.

In psychiatry, the legal system, and care system, their pillar build on science is declining. Budget dificit is not the problem, there is a deeper science to that. Those we call experience expert are the real scientist. They know by experience what to do. Start by recognizing this group of scienctist in your organization.

If you don’t see it already, within the next 3 years you will, a chaotic change in the workforce. Lawyers, youth workers, civil servants wil ask their clients what to do, because you may have study the knowledge, your clients will know the solution outside the prison systems we created because your clients are science.
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